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"Party For A Cause" Benefit for Lyon Martin Health Services

 Photo by Phyllis Christopher Photography

The "Party For A Cause" benefit for Lyon Martin Health Services, May 6, 2005, raised more than $100,000 in funds and in-kind contributions. Event producers Kary McElroy (left) and Betty Sullivan (right) joined The L-Word creator Ilene Chaiken (center back), cast members Laurel Holloman and Sarah Shahi with legendary lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.

Thank You to Sponsors & Volunteers Too!

Dozens of volunteers and many business sponsors and friends came forward to help with the production of "Party for A Cause," and we wish very sincere thanks to all of them. A special thanks to Lisa Brown for getting the ball going, to Kary McElroy for her enthusiasm, to Diane Sabin and Leslie Ewing for their wisdom, to Char Levitt and Carmen Morrison for their guidance, to Jody Cole and Alexa Rasmussen for their expertise, to Grace Floyd and Mary Ann Brown for their support in many ways, to all of the Co-Producers and so, so many more . . . the list goes on and on!

To all these faithful volunteers and supporters, we say "THANK YOU!"

We at Betty's List also wish to express thanks to all volunteers and supporters of "Party for A Cause." With only a few short weeks to prepare for an event of this magnitude, it was thanks to the community-wide support of dozens of leaders and volunteers that the occasion was even possible. If there are names missing in our compilation below, please notify Betty so that they can be added on our web site: Thank you!

Adam Odnert, Alexa Bruun Rasmussen, Allison Babeland, Andrea Pinto, Angela Khalpia, Audrey Joseph, Barb Rush, Cara Beougher, Carmen Morrison, Char Levitt, Charna Greenstein, Cheryl Sewat, Chris Carnes, Christina Allen, Constance Morrison, Daniel Burrola, Darren Nandagiri, David Perry, Del Martin, Diane Sabin, DJ Black, DJ Calalo, DJ Chili D, DJ E-Chat, DJ Ezzy Medina, DJ Gray, DJ Page Hodel, DK Edaj, Eliza Lee, Ellen Ferrato, Gayla Schiff, Grace Floyd, Greg Yedding, Hon. Kamala Harris, Jackie Davidson, Jewelle Gomez, Jim Freeman, Jody Cole, Judith Cohen, Julie Griswold, Julie Parker, Karen Hellyer, Karin Jaffie, Karlyn Lotney, Kate Laws, Kathy Amendola, Kellen Krieg, Kelly Alga, Lee Pfab, Leslie Ewing, Lisa Brown, Lisa Corrie, Liz Brodsky, Mariah Hansen, Marlo, Mary Ann Brown, Mary Spalding, Olga T Meta, Pamela Busch, Phyllis Christopher, Phyllis Lyon, Rachel Binning, Rachel Herbert, Randall Schiller, Randy Ellen Bluestein, Rob Norton, Sabrina Riddle, Silvia, Teri McGinnis, Traci des Jardine, Treina Alexander, Xavier Luiz, Bank of America-Castro Branch, Betty’s List, Bredwell Meyer Florist, Chef Andrea Pinto, David Perry & Associates, Delores Park Cafe, Dionysus Fine Wine and Gift Baskets, /, Hotel Palomar, Jardiniere, Kendell-Jackson Wine Estates, Ltd., Lyon Martin Women’s Health Services, Nordstrom Cosmetics, North American Airlines, Olivia Cruises & Resorts, PeonQueen Productions, Phyllis Christopher Photography, Princeville Resort , Proxy Print, Showtime, Steel Jam. Studio Z, The L-Word, Wetland Productions, Wild Affair Productions, XAR Salon and Spa

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